House Jacked: Movie In Development

Just got off the phone with a few people and we are now at the beginning phases of movie development for “House Jacked“.

If you have been “House Hijacked”, Building Hijacked, been squatted on (in your house by trespassing occupants), or know of anyone who has been victimized by predators who attempt to extort money, free rent, or steal an entire house from the lawful owners, please let us know.  Your story could be apart of our movie. 

In addition, if there are any ideas that you would like to contribute let us know.

Law Clinics

It’s been awhile since I have been on my blog here, but I made good use of that time. I am now a first year law student. As a result of that we are now offering “study groups” in the form of  law clinics.

Here is what we are currently offering:

  1. Home Owner Law Clinic
  2. Landlord Law Clinic
  3. Elder Law Clinic
  4. Neighborhood Law Clinic
  5. Homeless Law Clinic
  6. Renters’ Law Clinic
  7. Domestic Relations Law Clinic

Once again, these are “study groups” to learn the basics of the Law in specific areas. NO LEGAL ADVICE IS GIVEN